The Aerocar Will Look Good In Your Collection!

Whether you are an aficionado of transportation milestones, engineering genius or simply appreciate owning extraordinary rare examples automotive – and aviation – progress, this Taylor Aerocar is for you. It is a testament to American ingenuity at a time and place when everything was possible – even flying cars. While others talk and dream that someday they will see a real flying car, that day is now for you. In excellent, original condition this flying car is the real deal boasting 15,254.9 original miles and 781.0 flight hours. It has been two decades since an Aerocar has changed hands. In all probability this may be the only opportunity in your lifetime. 

Heading 4

Watch these contemporary videos on the Aerocar:
TLC interview with fellow Aerocar owner (one of two flying)

Bob Cummings owned and flew one.

To Be Auctioned Saturday, January 18th, Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ. See:

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